All yoga and meditation classes are based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda
 and Swami Kriyananda.



U udruzi KORACI, ul. Blaze Polica br 2 / IV kat

5. svibnja - 17 - 19 sati
6. svibnja - 10 - 12 sati
7. svibnja - 10 - 12 sati

cijena 300 kn

tel. 091 25 28 433

             Meditation is the art of concentration and relaxation. While sitting still with a straight spine, one is able to let go of all the disturbing thoughts and restlessness, and attain a single-pointed concentration. During the relaxation part of the practice, one experiences a sense of greater freedom and expansiveness. Meditation is known to have numerous health benefits, as well as psychological and emotional benefits. Some of the benefits of the regular meditation practice include reduced stress and tension, increased inner peace and joy, improved concentration and mental clarity, and development of intuition. Ultimately, the goal of meditation is a union with the highest in ourselves.

                 Kriya Meditation is one of the highest meditation techniques whose purpose is a union with the divine in us. It is often referred as �the airplane route to God�. I feel blessed to be authorized to offer Kriya preparatory courses and guidance in your own practice, while the initiation into this most sacred technique is given by Kriya ministers a few times per year.

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Kriya Yoga Meditation - a powerful meditation technique for self-transformation and awakening the higher consciousness. You will learn the energization exercises for the body, techniques for concentration of the mind, and how to awaken your Soul to the highest reality of your being

Spiritual Counseling - gives you an opportunity to ask questions regarding your personal spiritual practices and receive guidance on getting in tune with your Higher Self

Individual sessions -
available for those who would prefer individualized attention